“N.A.” by White Press (2013)

Edition of 200, numbered and signed, handmade embrossed black hardcover with white pigment inlay, high end digital printing with extra black on Munken Lynxs design paper. “Doing a second book is harder than the first and Doug has done it. Different from “A New American Picture” but related — more obviously edgy yet more lyrical. […]

“SIX BY SIX (SET 4)” by Nazraeli Press (2013)

SIX BY SIX | Set 4 Set Four of our award-winning limited edition series Six by Six. This subscription-based series comprises 36 titles, published in six sets of six titles each, over a three year period. Each title in the series is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, printed on our exclusive heavyweight Japanese paper and bound […]

“TOM” by Little Big Man (2013)

“TOM is book about obsession,” explains artist Doug Rickard. “Mine and someone else’s. We watch over the shoulder of he who once watched over other shoulders.” Drawing its name from that of a peeping Tom, TOM unearths vintage found images that show the voyeuristic surveillance of a certain archetype of woman in the streets of […]

“A NEW AMERICAN PICTURE” by Aperture Foundation (2012)

  Doug Rickard’s A New American Picture offers a startling and fresh perspective on American street photography. While on first glance the work looks reassuringly familiar and well within the traditional bounds of the genre, his methodology is anything but conventional. All of the images are appropriated from Google Street View; over a period of […]

“A NEW AMERICAN PICTURE” by White Press (2010)

“A New American Picture” is released in October 2010. There is no ISBN due to quantity. The edition is limited to 250 signed & numbered copies. HC, completely bound in paper, 92 pages‘ One page text!