INTERNET GOTHIC and Transcendentalism in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

  INTERNET GOTHIC and Transcendentalism in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction By Owen Campbell, ASX, January 2015 In the preface of National Anthem Doug Rickard quotes Walt Whitman; in the coda he quotes Woodie Guthrie. Following the preface, an introductory text written by Annie Gårlid, remixes the lyrics of cell-phone rap videos from YouTube. Written […]

TIME: “Explore the Dark Side of YouTube with Artist Doug Rickard”

  “I knew this work was going to be darker,” says the visual artist Doug Rickard. “As I started to dive into the footage, I realized that there was an extra motive for posting videos on YouTube, and often it was a rather dark motive in itself.” In 2012, Rickard presented his take on the […]

W Magazine – “N.A.”

  CULTURE Doug Rickard: NA Like much of modern history, the Eric Garner decision will eventually be boiled down to a few memorable images—or in this case, unforgettable video footage taken by a bystander. The photographer Doug Rickard’s timely new book, N.A. (D.A.P.), is a catalogue of striking stills he took from hours of YouTube […]

WALL STREET JOURNAL: “The Fine Art of Spying” (2013)

By Ellen Gamerman, Wall Street Journal, September 2013 With explosive disclosures about the long arm of the National Security Agency, the nation is engaged in an intense debate about privacy and spying. Now there is another snoop in town: the contemporary artist. Doug Rickard’s Surveillance Art Fine-art photographers are flocking to what some are calling […]

ART IN AMERICA: “Doug Rickard at Yossi Milo” (2013)

By Chris Chang, Art in America, February 2013 Anyone who has used the Street View function of Google Maps is, in a sense, already familiar with the work of Doug Rickard. The ubiquitous Internet tool, with its 20 petabytes of data, allows users to virtually traverse five million miles of the world’s roads and byways. […]

OUT OF ORDER: “Doug Rickard and The New American Picture” (2013)

A STREET VIEW: DOUG RICKARD AND THE NEW AMERICAN PICTURE JOEY POLINO Photos: © Doug Rickard, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York and Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco With so much emphasis—especially as of late—placed on the wealthy and middle classes of America, the collection New American Picture by Doug Rickard showcases the invisible side […]

SUNDAY TIMES: “Google Street View as Art” (2011)

 #39.177833, Baltimore, MD. 2008, 2011    Google Street View as Art By Bryan Appleyard, Sunday Times, December 2011 In 2007 Google launched Street View, an astonishing and sinister project to photograph every street, first in America and then in the world. Cars with nine-lens, 360-degree cameras on periscope-like tubes sticking through their roofs crept through […]