“SIX BY SIX (SET 4)” by Nazraeli Press (2013)

SIX BY SIX | Set 4 Set Four of our award-winning limited edition series Six by Six. This subscription-based series comprises 36 titles, published in six sets of six titles each, over a three year period. Each title in the series is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, printed on our exclusive heavyweight Japanese paper and bound […]

PBS NEWS HOUR: “‘Street Art’ Using Google Maps” (2012)

Photographer Doug Rickard sees artistic possibility in the images of people captured in the photographic drive-bys that make up Google Street View. He has travelled thousands of virtual miles, looking for potential photographs in Google’s maps that have more than just utilitarian purpose. KQED’s Scott Shafer reports.

ART IN AMERICA: “Doug Rickard at Yossi Milo” (2013)

By Chris Chang, Art in America, February 2013 Anyone who has used the Street View function of Google Maps is, in a sense, already familiar with the work of Doug Rickard. The ubiquitous Internet tool, with its 20 petabytes of data, allows users to virtually traverse five million miles of the world’s roads and byways. […]

OUT OF ORDER: “Doug Rickard and The New American Picture” (2013)

A STREET VIEW: DOUG RICKARD AND THE NEW AMERICAN PICTURE JOEY POLINO Photos: © Doug Rickard, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York and Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco With so much emphasis—especially as of late—placed on the wealthy and middle classes of America, the collection New American Picture by Doug Rickard showcases the invisible side […]

BOOM CALIFORNIA: “Screen Captures – Americans on Google Street” (2012)

  “I am the son of an evangelical preacher that had a church in largely white, affluent Los Gatos in the eighties that had grown over twenty-five years from 100 or so members to over 6,000. My father was very conservative, and his view was our Christian nation had been specifically blessed by God to […]

AFTERALL JOURNAL: “Artist at Work – Doug Rickard” (2012)

#41.779976, Chicago, IL. 2007, 2011    “In the way that these pictures had been made by machines, I perceived a certain sort of menace, a natural disrespect – the height of the camera, the blurred out faces, the imperfections, all of these things heightened the atmosphere. I was looking for a broken America, the inverse […]